Sunny Sunday’s

Sunday in Bayside was glorious. We walked up to the shops so that I could buy the paper, with my little man running his fingers along the different fences that we passed. Arriving at the set of lights was much enjoyment as he loves pressing the button. Returning home we ran into our front neighbours and their girls and my man played on their scooters, trikes and Little Tikes car for hours up and down the driveway. Sleep time interrupted this enjoyment so we were back out there again in the fading heat of the afternoon with mum pushing him over the grate in the driveway which he thoroughly loved. Small things bring so much pleasure to the young, innocent and sponges that are our children.
Did you get outdoors on Sunday and enjoy the weather?


My life so far

I received the best news in February 2009, I was pregnant!!  Not long after that it started to go down hill ever so slowly. My ex partner has 3 kids from a previous marriage and all of a sudden out of the blue he says “I’ll get full custody of the kids now”.  Uhhhh  not quite buddy as I was new to this pregnancy thing and not sure how I would cope so I was not for it at all, happy to build up to it but not before the baby was at least 1 year old or even older.  I was a late bloomer having my son at 36 years old.  So the slope got faster and faster and my life spiralled out of my control.  Lucky for me my beautiful son was the best baby, he slept really well, feed well and was a very contended baby overall, considering he had is mother crying whilst breastfeeding it is a miracle he was as good as he was.

After being put down and questioned about everything from the time of his birth i couldn’t handle it any more and at 10 months old my ex walked out.  What a relief to an extent as we could get on with our lives instead of having to have everything “perfect” all the time.  

Then the real battle began with him telling me he was entitled to have 50/50 custody of the baby.  He was so relentless in this I gave him more access than I should have and ended up in court to rectify it all – which did and didn’t happen.  At least if he took him and kept him for 5 nights, as he did, he would be breaking a court order – peace of mind for me.  He is still pushing the 50/50 custody and I honestly think he doesn’t see that that is not what is best for our son.  fingers crossed I will not be back in court until he is primary school age but if the ex has it his way it will be next year!  Last time was June this year!

Well that is my single life as a mum in a nutshell.  Now it is time to embrace this life and live it to the fullest with my little munchkin and ensure he grows up knowing how much his mum fought for him and loves him.

Anyone else out there gone through a similar situation?  If so I would love to hear from you as I have found it hard to find other single mums who I can socialise with.  don’t get me wrong I have great friends who I love and adore, just think it might be nice to have a few who are in the same situation as me.

Love to hear from you.

Single mum xx


Hello blog World

I am not sure how to start this off as it is my first foray into the bloggingsphere!  So much I want to say and now I just have to get it all out there to unburden my soul.  I have decided it is time for me to move on from the hole I have been living in for nearly 12 months.  Hope some of you out there enjoy the journey I may take you on!