Turning that corner I mentioned

I have been meaning to write this post for a week or more and have I found the time? Obviously not! Well today I decided was the day and nothing was going to get in my way. Finally the corner is turning for me and the reason is the following:
I have been successful in getting a new job for 2012; I have been out of work since 24 November when they didn’t renew my contract. I will be working at MLC girls school in their Alumni department which should be loads of fun and the best thing is it is 2 days a week and nearly the same pay I was on working 3 days a week this year! I also don’t start until 15 Jan so I get to spend loads of quality time with my son which I feel I have not done since he was a baby. We have been running, visiting new parks, playing in the driveway, catching trains and seeing Santa!

The other reason the corner is turning is that I have hopefully gotten the said son into Family Day Care in the Balwyn area for next year and cheaper than day care here in Beaumaris. They say good things occur in three so I wonder what the next thing will be???

I went on another blind date last week and he is a friend of one of the mother’s group friend. Seems really nice and we have spoken a few times on the phone so will wait and see what happens there. I also really want a new car so maybe that could be the third thing…..

I hope everyone else out there is having their corner turned as well like I have in the last couple of weeks. Life is certainly looking brighter for me which is great and instead of half empty I am finally becoming a half full kinda gal.