Biscuit making

Today we made biscuits as last week I purchased a tub of ‘cookie’ cutters from Aldi. There are lots of Christmas & Halloween amongst a few normal cutters.

I set about getting the recipe from my old high school cook book and as I began to cream the butter & sugar a little voice appears at my side “I do that?”, to which I replied “not yet but soon.” I then had to crack an egg which my munchkin was not going to let me do come hell or high water so crack went the egg – no shell that I could see….. I then started to sift the flour which once again I was not allowed to do as it was his job. Slowly the flour was sifted and time to knead it all together.


A dusting of flour on the bench top ended up in quite a lot as my helper decided he could do it with more flare than I did. Rolling began with little fingers trying to steal the edges and me trying not to roll over said fingers. Cutting time! I showed him how to put the cutter in the flour so it doesn’t stick which ended up with him playing in the flour and telling me “I just checking the flour.” For what exactly I am still not sure. Biscuits cut out and on baking trays and in the oven.

I put a DVD on so I could ice them in peace. I must admit I have a new admiration for those home made biscuits in shops as mine do not resemble the shape underneath! Not an easy task at all. Biscuits were a hit & lots of fun had making them by both of us.



Time for a new look

As it has been quite some time between posts I decided today to brighten up the look of my page and thought the love birds encompassed my mood right now!

As for toilet training I have decided that my son is not quite ready for the toilet and to give him a bit more time to decide when the time is right for him. At least he now tells me when he is doing or has done a wee, that is great but I need to know beforehand buddy!! He will be in both undies and pull ups as it is going to be easier and less stressful for me when we go out to have him in a pull up instead of accidents left right and center. All good and now I have to make sure I don’t eat all the jelly beans I have in the cupboard for those successes when they do occur.

As for other news in my life; I bought a new car in April and love it as has all the mod cons I required and was a reasonable price as well – thanks Kia Sportage Platinum! I also did the on line dating again and once more had no real success with it so have decided for now it is time to let it rest and fingers crossed when I least expect someone will wonder into my life. I can’t believe I am turning 40 in a few months and my munchkin will be three the week before! Where has the time gone and why aren’t I going to be Fit, Fabulous and Forty?? Hmmm that might be because I can’t seem to stop eating food! Love it way to much to give it up. I am running twice a week and doing Bikram Yoga 1-2 times a week and have not lost an iota of what let alone a gram! Oh well will just have to suck my tummy in on the night!!

Moved on up in the world of mobile phones and got an iPhone and have joined instagram which I am loving! Need to get a bit more arty with my shots but it is hard when I am either driving or have a little man saying “why are we stopping keep walking.” Maybe over Christmas I will get more photos taken with this app.

Enjoying my life and finding we are constantly busy doing little things each day that has seen the year fly by. Just need to be more consistent with my blog writing……

A massive shout out to my Dad today as well “HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY”


The training continues….


Well nobody told me how hard this aspect of parenthood was going to be. Not sure if it is harder as a single mum or not but you can’t take your eyes off your child for a second cause when you do bam accident on the floor! We have had more accidents than successful toilet visits but he slowly seems to be getting it. Although still not verbalising he needs to go, which apparently is what I need to hear to know that he is actually ready.

My aunt is looking after him today and I’m hoping she may be a trigger point for him to understand he has to tell us he needs to go. My parents will be there in Tuesday; again hoping they may have more success than good old mum.

Last night I put a drynite on him and I go in and check on him and he tells me he needs to go to the toilet to do wee!!! I can’t cut a break but took him and yes he did do a wee. this pattern occurred at the next check in point but nothing in the toilet this time. after his morning milk he had a fullish dry nite and my aunt had arrived so I cherrily said good bye and have a great day as I departed for work. Never in my life have i been so glad to go to work! I have not heard anything so far so hoping all is going well and he has learnt to tell us when he requires the toilet.

If by the end of this week there has been no verbalisation of his needs I will go to pull ups and try again in the lead up to Christmas. If you have any tips or tricks for this please let me know!


Toilet Training

Well it has been months since I last wrote a post & there is no excuse at all; for some reason what I have experienced today I wanted to share. Today was our first official day of toilet training & boy what a day it has been; I’m ready for a glass of wine with my dinner that’s for sure!!

My little man has been fantastic but so far only accidents with nothing actually occurring on the toilet. Quite frustrating but no big deal as have lots of track pants & pj bottoms for him to wear during the day. Luckily I purchased multiple packs of undies as we have gone through lots today. It is funny when I realise he has had an accident I say ‘have you done wee bub?’ and his response is holding up his hand to me and saying ‘I fine, I’ll be fine no worry.’ So cute and endearing as well, makes my heart melt.

We have played inside and outside with more accidents inside rather than out! He stayed dry during his 2 hour noon nap do I gave him two marshmallows as a reward. I also have jelly beans and lollipops for the elusive number twos!! I don’t think I realised how hard this task would be and the patience you require to not get mad; not that I have come close to that today at all.

We have had success, went to toilet before going to bed and he did a little wee! He was so proud of himself and we high fived each other, he then didn’t want to get off the bloody toilet as he thought he was so good. What must go through their minds is intriguing and I wish I could read his! We rang my parents but they weren’t there so left messages for them.

So happy for my little man and look forward to the next few days. I just hope his dad listens to what I have done and follows the same road rather than assuming that his way is better. The trials and tribulations of single parenting.

I will keep you posted on his progress, here’s to a successful toilet training week!!