Toys all over the house

I feel at times like I am living in a toy shop rather than a house. My munchkin has toys from one end of our small unit to the other and I even found the drill attachment in the toilet! It is time to take back my house and not let him dictate how the house looks! Mind you he doesn’t have that many toys but it does feel like it at times and as much as I have tried to contain them it doesn’t always work in my favour. I even get in trouble when I pack them up so I tell him that if I didn’t pack them up they would be sucked up by the vacuum, he is now happy for me to tidy them up to clean now. Below is a photo of our living room and has you can see there are quite a few toys having fun in this space.

Toy room or living room??

The other week Aldi had a bookcase in their catalogue for $129 (bargain) which has 16 spaces in it for me to place all of his toys and books and therefore have my living space back as just what it should be. My dad put the bookcase together last week but it was very wobbly side to side so he has made a supporting back for half of it so the wobbling should no longer occur. Tonight I get to go home and play in his room and put all of his toys and books in their new home and feel like our house is a home again, even if for only a short period of time.

Below are photos of my new living room and the munchkin’s new bedroom!

No Toys!!

Tidy bedroom with lots of toys!