I have decided my expectations of my friends is too high. I use only realised this with the spate of 40th birthdays I have had this last half of the year.

Why I hear you ask?

It all has to do with the presents given & the presents received. I’m going to sound horrible but here goes.

I’m the one on a single income working two days a week yet I believe so far I have spent more money on all of my friends than some I’d their presents combined! Sounds harsh but unfortunately it may be the truth. I sound ungrateful, which I’m not, but I’m astounded on what some friends have given me in relation to what I have purchased for them. I tried to be thoughtful and think about what that friend would like and spent time sourcing the gift I gave them for their 40th birthday. I can’t say the same has been reciprocated to me!

One friend, who I would say is one of my best friends, put diddly squat into a combined voucher and a couple of others didn’t fare much better? I know it is not about the ‘tit for tat’ theory but I feel like I have over spent and over thought all the presents so far.

Mind you I did receive some fabulous gifts, some from friends I’ve only known since the munchkin was born.

It all washes out in the end and I needed a little rant. All I can say is there will be no 50th gifts from me!

Have you ever felt the same?




Nearly Santa time

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown!  Do you feel the same way?

I only work two days a week and thought the year would drag but it has been the complete opposite.

Below is our depleting advent calendar with only a few more goodies for the munchkin left to go.

Advent calendar

Advent calendar

I also love the Santa Babushka dolls I brought for the munchkin for his second christmas & they will be something I give him when & if he eventually moves out of home! Hoping they may turn into a heirloom for the next few generations – crazy thought or sane one??

Babushka Santas

Babushka Santas

I haven’t really had the Christmas spirit for a years as I have lived by myself & thought “what is the point?” Now I’m getting more into it as my munchkin gets older & so excited about Santa.


Bring on the holidays still I say…..


Wiggles Sunday!

Yesterday was the busiest day my munchkin and I have had for such a long time.

It started at 5.30am when he came into my bed, I still receive my visitor every now and then, but luckily for me I did manage to get him to go back to sleep and then woke him at 7.00am but rubbing his back.  He then said “keep playing on my back please”, too cute.  We got out of bed and had breakfast before I packed our bag to head off to the Wiggles Concert!!!

We were out the door and in the car by 8.25am and on our way to fill up the care before embarking on our big day ahead.  Munchkin was very excited about seeing Captain Feathersword and his car, to which I replied “I think he has a boat as he is a pirate and not a car bub.”  He didn’t believe me and kept on talking about Captain Feathersword and his car.  He then wanted to know if the ‘red’ car would be there and I said “yes it will be on stage.”  This perplexed his little mind as I don’t believe he has ever seen a stage before so I had to explain this to him and that we would not be able to go for a ride in the red car or see/touch the Wiggles.

Got to the Botanic Gardens just after 9.00am and found that car parking on the street is free on weekends – Bonus!!  Parked the car and started our little trek to Rod Laver; about 7 minutes into the walk I had thought ‘did I lock the car??’  So back we went to double check and still not sure as stood on the other side of the road and hit the button and the lights flashed so I knew it was locked for sure!  On the walk back a little voice says “carry me”, to which I replied “bub you are too big I can’t carry you but I will piggy back you until we get to the bridge then you have to walk for me.”  This was fine for both of us and off we trundled.

Walking inside we tried to find the ‘freebies’ as I am on a tight budget and we got a few things before finding our seats.  Well the munchkin was so excited and was dancing and singing along to the tunes and nearly wet himself when Captain Feathersword and Wags the Dog came on stage and a special surprise visit from Santa as well. Nearing the end he was starting to lose his concentration so it was great that time was up and out the doors we headed.  Upon nearing the exit door there were mini VW cars with iPads set up as steering wheels so he had to get in one (blue) and then wanted the red one as well but I said a firm “no” which was met with wales of screaming and tears and he wouldn’t leave the venue!  He did end up leaving but kicking and screaming in the arms of his mother and not the end to the morning that I had anticipated at all.  Due to all his wailing he wanted to be carried – again I said you are too heavy but that didn’t work and I carried him across the bridge and then said if you’re not going to walk then it is piggy back time to the car.

Arrive at the car with mum hot, bothered and sore whilst munchkin was as happy as Larry!  Off on the next adventure out to the Yarra Valley for lunch with my parents and aunts and uncles as a belated birthday lunch for my dad as his brother was in South Africa on his birthday.  I thought the munchkin would be a nightmare at lunch as such a big morning but he was fine (in a way).  Ordered a baby cino as soon as we arrived and then wouldn’t decide between the fish or chicken so ordered him the chicken.  When this arrived he turned up his nose and talked to everyone instead or tried to eat their entrees!  He was driving me batty so sent him to my aunt and he sat there and happily ate all his lunch and dessert, as well as everyone else’s dessert too!  By 4.00pm he was done and had started spitting his water out of his mouth and running around the restaurant like a headless chook (not that I have ever seen one).  Time to get in the car and keep him awake as too close to bedtime for a car nap.  Didn’t need to keep him awake as he chatted in the car on the way home nonstop; around 1.5 hours.

Upon arriving home I thought he wouldn’t want dinner but he said he’d have an omelette which I made and he ate nearly all of it as well as an icy pole – where it all went I am still in awe.  Bed at 7.00pm and asleep by 7.30pm and all was quiet until 6.15am this morning.

Such a big day for a little boy who coped amazingly well.  Love you munchkin! xxx