Bath time

I’m not sure if I’m one of a kind or if every mum likes taking photos of their child in the bath but I love it. He is so relaxed and not focused on me so I can get some exceptionally good shots of him. I do try to only get the top half of him so they won’t resurface at a later date which he will hate me for.

What are your thoughts on my bath shots?

Look at me

Don't take my trains

Kept them




I did not dress my child today

I would just like to put it out there that as much as I love my munchkin he does not have my dress sense at all (not that I’m any good at it either). I think it is great that he is finally deciding that he needs to learn how to get dressed, but some of mum’s advice might not go astray at times too……

Today he wanted to dress himself so this is what he chose and we were out and about at the shopping centre this morning as well as the local supermarket this evening. The girl in the deli thought he was cute so he received a free cabana stick! Only my child would get away with that – well maybe not.

What are your thoughts on his mismatched outfit? Or am I being a particularly harsh mum?

P.S they are blundstones on his feet on a 37 degree day




I need a man……

Ok, so the heading may be slightly misleading or you could be taking it the wrong way. Either or I still need a man to help fix my sons scooter!

Ha! Got you all…… for the munchkins third birthday I got him a hot wheels three wheel scooter, which I thought was perfect. Unfortunately not the case; all due to my boy being exceptionally tall for his age (so everyone tells me when they find out his age). With two wheels at the back and the running board not long enough many a banged or scrapped ankle was had by him. I then decided I’d get him a new one but with the two wheels at the front instead.

I saw one in Big W at Southland but unfortunately the packaging had been opened and only two of the said wheels inside. So as a “good” mum I began to ring all stores nearby and finally got one put on hold; not that close to home but not the other side of the city either.

When we got home I decided I was going to assemble this for him. First issue – couldn’t get the wheel bolts to screw in tight enough.

Wheel nuts

Wheel nuts

Second issue – handle bars couldn’t be tightened enough either! OMG what was I doing wrong?? No matter how much pressure I put on the bolt to stop it turning it never happened and therefore loose handlebars.

Loose bolts

Loose bolts

After becoming so frustrated I gave up and thought he can ride it this weekend until his grandpa can fix it on Tuesday, if I haven’t buggered up the bolts up!  He was so excited to ride it he even did so in the house (noooooo).

Semi assembled scooter


Emotional roller coaster

Have you ever been on one of these? I ended the year on one and started the year on one! Not how I planned it at all….

Many of my friends tell me how strong I am, which I may have mentioned before, but in reality I’m not. Munchkins father decided just before Christmas that he had other commitments that would not allow him to see our boy on Christmas Day as per the court orders that have been in place for nearly two years.  In one way it was great as I got to spend the entire day with him but he didn’t see his dad, not that he really cared. I found out later that the commitment was surf patrol!!!! As the president can you not change your shift so that you can spend time with your son? Am I asking/assuming too much here?

He did have him on his usual Friday night and then after pick up on the Saturday we flew to South Australia for a mini break. We arrived home on the Wednesday in time for drop off at 4.30pm. I received a few texts with regards to him wanting to change the place for drop off on the Friday night which I wasn’t happy with as had to cancel a play date but was willing to do it. Then I receive a text saying he can’t have him Friday at all as his other children’s nippers carnival had changed and could we swap to Saturday night. Again happy (sort of) to do this and said it would be a 5pm pick up and a 3.30 drop off the next day.

I then received a text saying that “he was beyond wanting to deal with me and he would not be meeting me this week at all and he would see our son the following week.”

This gutted me as I felt extremely upset for the munchkin as I had been saying to him that he was going to see dad that night and then he pulls this crap at the eleventh hour! Makes my blood boil that he can behave in such a manner towards us both and expect that he is constantly in the right.

Not sure if any other single parents out there are in a similar situation or not but I can certainly take or leave this roller coaster I have been riding since we separated over two years ago. It was one of the reasons I went to court to get orders in place so crap like this wouldn’t occur, got that wrong didn’t I?!?

I just have to hope this year is a better year than the past ones…..