life through a smiling three year old

This post is mainly to do with the photos below of my little man having some fun whilst we have been enjoying the summer sun last week in Melbourne. The days I don’t work I try and get out for at least half the day to entertain him and to ensure that he is stimulated through different aspects of life and will hopefully remember his childhood as full of fun things and new adventures.

sandy chin at the beach

sandy chin at the beach

ice cream on my nose

ice cream on my nose

laughing at himself at the park

laughing at himself at the park

fun in the nude

fun in the nude

new hair cut

new hair cut

framing myself with my fingers!

framing myself with my fingers

I love the happiness he brings to me on days that I am not feeling the best or coping due to issues with his dad.

As the saying goes “you are the light of my life!”


Life is not easy….

My life feels like it is spiralling out of my control and all due to my little man’s father! I feel as though I’m drowning in my own life and not sure there is a way out if it at all. I don’t know what to do as I don’t have the money to constantly talk to my lawyers, even though I know my brother or parents would assist, I can’t rely on them for the rest of my life.

I’m so sick of the constant changes and belittling I receive from him and how he feels it is in his right to send through his wife’s opinion of me as well! Mind you we have never even been introduced let alone had a conversation but she feels it is in her right to comment as well. I find this amazing as when I was with him I never commented on his issues with his ex wife, if anything I’d say ” take a look from her point of view.” His concerns with their kids were theirs and not my place to put my two cents worth.

I was going to write this the other day but thought it would be too hard so here I am sitting on the couch tapping away on, the iPad.

How do you deal with a person who believes they are more important than the child concerned? He constantly places his other children above and beyond his commitment to the little man. That commitment is Wednesday 4.30 to Thursday 8.30am and Friday 5.00 to Saturday 3.30pm; not major at all in my view. I find it hard to believe that we spent money in court nearly two years ago and he can’t stick with the orders for an entire month! It does my head in!!!

The only thing that makes me continue smiling when I don’t really feel like it is that the little man is such a delight and doesn’t really understand what is going on. If he misses out seeing his dad he doesn’t even blink an eye or ask after him or why he isn’t there. God love a beautiful adjusted child.

I’ve been out in the sun the last couple of days to try and warm my soul towards the cards I have been dealt and will have to live with for the rest of my life. Fingers crossed the little man realises how special he is to his mum.


Tradie in the making

On Sunday in Melbourne it was a hot one, as I’ven mentioned in a previous post, and the thought went through my head in the morning ‘what do I dress the little man in today?’  All of his clothes seemed too hot but he is a stickler for putting clothes on and won’t even go to bed without his pyjama top and bottoms on!
Searching through his overflowing drawers of clothes I decided on a white singlet and green shorts.  The outfit went together and even though the shorts were of a semi heavy material I thought he will be cool with the singlet on.
He wanted to go outside and play on his bike so he had to get proper shoes on his feet, he’s just learning and I don’t want any stubbed toes.  He is OBSESSED with a pair of fake blundstones he got from his cousin so they were his choice of footwear for the day.  After putting those on I looked at him and decided he looked like a mini tradie in the making!  Too cute for words.

nearly a smile from him…..

Do you think he looks like a mini tradie and too cute for words or am I one of those biased mothers???


Children’s Garden

Last week I decided on a semi hot day to take the little man to the Children’s Garden in at the Royal Botanic Garden as I have never been before.  I am not sure what I was expecting but it was more serene than I thought it was going to be and there was enough space for each parent to have their little bit of the sanctuary.

The little man loved the water shooting up from the ground at the entrance of the garden and played there quite happily for sometime before he noticed some other boys with toy trucks and cars who were walking down the to the back area.  He asked me if he could play with them too and I said yes but as they were the boys toys in particular that they may not want to share with him.  To his dismay this was the response he received so I said next time we come we will bring your toys and you don’t have to share them if you don’t feel like it.

We walked around the little channel there as well as a grotto like section.  I can’t get over how serene it was and that you are nearly in the city of Melbourne.  We went back to the shooting water as this was more interactive, as no toys to push around, and he played happily until it was time to pack up and go home to get ready for kinder.
We found some friends in the garden who were watching over the children’s garden entrance.

There is so much to see and do in your own backyard that sometimes I find it hard to fit it all in and seeing it through the eyes of a 3 year old is just beautiful.

so excited coming to see me
in the grotto area
Old tree in grotto
water fun

Friends watching the entrance

Fun – the old fashioned way

Yesterday was a stinker in Melbourne so I sent around a group text seeing if anyone wanted a beach play date to which I received negative responses back except for one friend who said come on over here instead.  I texted back “thanks and do you have the slip and slide set up?”  Yes they did so the little man and I hot footed it into the car with bathers and scooter and a few treats for the kids.

After playing inside for about one hour it was lunch time and then outside in the blistering sun for some fun on the backyard lawn!  Bathers on and sun screened up out ran the kids with squeals of delight, especially from the little man as he had never seen or played on one before.  After the initial shock of the cold water it was fun times ahead.
They had numerous snacks whilst outside playing and entertained themselves for at least 3 hours solid.  There were no tears, amazingly, and little fighting over the toys that ended up on the slip and slide.  Sitting there and chatting away with my girlfriend is was surprising how quick the time went and how great the kids were.
Maybe we should all invest in old fashioned fun every now and then for our kids so that they get to enjoy things that we did growing up.  There was talk of the sprinklers on the lawn and running through them as well as kids ….. ahh memories……

filling the car with petrol
eating twisties whilst chilling
wetting their hats
fun times!

My boy is growing up

I know this is not a new concept but my goodness kids grow up fast and within a blink of the eye!  

Coop received a balance bike for Christmas 2011 and once the hang of it he was off riding and having a ball whilst doing it.  He would ride it up and down the drive way and when he became more confident down to the park at the end of the street.

Last year I purchased a scooter for him for his birthday, wrong size so had to buy another one!  Mind you his birthday is the middle of November so this has only been a recent toy for him to play with.  He has loved it and scootered all over the neighbourhood enjoying making noises as he zooms down the footpath without a care in the world for reversing cars out of driveways!! No close encounters yet…..  He also loves to scooter to kinder around the corner now as well.

Before my brother moved to Perth, two years ago, he gave me one of my older nephews bikes as they were getting new ones when they arrived in Perth.  It has been hanging in the garage for years and right near the door of the car that Coop gets in and out of.  The other week I asked my dad to look at it and see if it was worth ‘doing up’ or should I look on line.  Got told a great bike and he replaced the grips on the handle bars, cleaned it up and added training wheels.  When Coop saw the finished product his eyes lit up and said “Grandpa has fixed my bike, I ride it now?”  I was hoping to get more use out of the scooter but alas no; after been badgered for over a week I relented yesterday and he got to ride his bike.  Mind you I had to teach him to peddle – no mean feat at all.  After about a hour or so he got the hang of it up and down the driveway now I just have to teach him to brake and not use the garden!!!

In just over a year he has gone from the balance bike to the scooter to a big boy bike, growing up too quickly for my liking.