Easter project

Since having my little man my craft side seems to have blossomed, well not really but it has come out of hiding and I am willing to give things a go!  Browsing the internet the other day I came across a picture and I thought “I can do that!”  So off to Bunnings we went.

My little man loves this shop and every time we are there he has to touch all of the mowers.  As he goes along the aisle he tells me a little something about each one; the colour, how it starts and what things do.

After meeting his requirements I said it is now time to get what I came for.  I purchased two terracotta pots and a tine of blackboard paint.

Now it was time to go home and get painting.  Two coats later they looked like this.

Last night was decorating time and this is where I am not an artist at all.  I have a go and that is all that counts and hopefully Coop will like it, he gets to do the other one for a friend of his.

Hope you all enjoy your Easter and if you decide to give this idea a go show me your finished products as they will be better than mine!


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