I’m getting a bit excited…….

Do you want to know why I’m getting a little bit excited???  Things might finally be turning in a positive direction for me on the work front!  If I haven’t mentioned it before I will give you a quick synopses of my current role:

  • Job share two days a week – I only perform one task of the job description
  • Micro manager – she does everyone’s head in and is more concerned about finding fault (and if not there makes it up) than doing her role
  • No room for promotion – dead end position and wasting my skill base on the internet most of the day
  • Staff morale low – this is due to the manager and so far two staff members have resigned in two weeks and hoping I might be the third!

If i get the new position it is for a multinational company, very well known brand, and there will be no wasting of my skills and fingers crossed I learn some new ones as well.  There is room for promotion which is great and always makes you strive a little harder I believe.  I will be job sharing with a friend of mine who I have never worked along side before but we met years ago in the travel industry when I was a BDM and she was working at a travel agency.  We hit if off the minute we met and have never looked back!  We have the same sense of humour, work ethic and values.  Plus are boys are only 6 weeks apart.  It will be a five day fortnight so need to look at care for the little man but will cross that bridge when or if I get the position.  Less money but I don’t care as the environment has to be better than where I am now.

Where I used to work as a BDM



I can’t wipe the smile from my face as I am just a LITTLE bit EXCITED that something may go right for me after a few years of struggling through the changes I have encountered.

Ahh the joy that is spreading through my veins is giving me such a high it is ridiculous as I don’t know the outcome of our proposal but by all accounts it is sounding extremely good.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and I will keep you all informed – not that there are many of you out there but hey I can live in hope!!


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