Karma Reversed??

Well here are the details of my car accident I mentioned the other day.

I did a favour for my previous place of employment and worked some additional hours as they thought they were going to be left high and dry when I left. I organised my mum to come and look after the little man and do kinder drop off. I worked for 5 hours and wanted to get home in time for the little man to arrive home from kinder.

Now this may have been my down fall but in reality I am calling it Karma reversed!!! I did the right thing and said yes to the additional hours for work and then driving home I had the accident. I say it is karma reversed as I would never have been on that road on that day if I had not said yes to working.

Driving along and I hear a horn beep; normally I wouldn’t look as I knew I hadn’t done anything to deserve it but for some reason I did and when I looked back the car in front had stopped suddenly and BAM! Up the back of them; no damage to the eye of their vehicle at all as he did have a tow ball fitted!!!

I’m not sure if it was the impact of the accident or the air bags going off as well but it made a hell of a lot of noise at the time. I will say that the seatbelts in Kia’s work exceptionally well as I hardly moved. The smell of the airbags was not as pleasant as I actually though there was a fire in the car as that is what the airbags once deployed smelt of. Plus the horn kept going off randomly which was extremely annoying as I kept thinking someone was tooting me!!

Funny thing was that there was another accident that had occurred 30 minutes prior to mine in exactly the same spot! The two guys were waiting for a tow truck and laughing at me as it was a mirror image of these. They were annoyed though as their radiator was leaking fluid whereas mine only had a few dents in it.

Looking at my baby there was only panel damage, spider web crack on the windscreen and the airbags but it is taking FOREVER to get repaired and I think I will be lucky to have it back before the end of next month! (sad face) I am currently driving my parents 1980’s land cruiser truck and hating it as it is so heavy, no automatic anything and no CD player let alone an input for my iPod!!!! It is amazing how lazy we become even with our cars as I had auto lights, keyless entry, heated seats and the list goes on…… no such luck in this car!!!

Bring my baby back to me in the same shape as I purchased her 13 months ago with not many extra kms on the dial or further damage. A girlfriend’s parents took their car to the same panel beater and they damaged the other side of their car whilst fixing it and didn’t mention it to them they noticed it and had a go at them. Dodgy brothers indeed.


Poor Car

Poor Car

The Truck

The Truck


Homemade gifts

Here is the little man painting some gifts for nanna for “Mothers Day.” This just proves my point that I have been off the airwaves for a long time.

We made a coaster out of icy pole sticks and then he painted it. The best part of this little project was that he got to eat an icy pole every night as we had to get the ‘perfect’ stick before adding it to our little pile.



I realised after we had given the gift to mum that I should have sealed the paint either with a sealer or maybe even clear nail polish as I am sure the first time she puts an ice cold glass on it the paint will run or end up on the bottom of the said glass.

He then did some general and finger painting and on the finger/hand painting I wrote a poem on it after it was dry called My Handprint. Unfortunately I don’t have an image of this as I did it the morning of and straight into the car and off we went.


It is hanging at nanna’s house in the exact same spot where she used to hand my brothers and my artwork from kinder and school. Good to see some old habits never die.


Where has 2 months gone?

I just realised that I last posted on May 6!! That is nearly two months ago. So much has happened in-between drinks, no I mean posts!

I had a car accident and still don’t have my baby back and I’m hoping it will be here before the end of July but not holding out much hope. I will explain all in another post and pictures as well of the damage.

I have changed jobs and starting to settle into my new job share role with a girlfriend of mine. We work a 5 day fortnight so one week I work 2 days and the following week 3 days. Still trying to get my head around all the new processes and data but seem to be settling in quite well. Again more in another post as I need to start writing again.

More issues with the little man’s father and that is doing my head in. I’m lucky I have the will power to only have 1 glass of wine, when a bottle is open, and not the entire bottle at times!!! A little teaser for you, the little man had gastro the other week and he vomited in his dad’s car on the way to his house. When I arrived to get him the next afternoon waiting on the doorstep for me was the car seat, clothes and Pooh bear all soiled from the vomit the previous night. What sort of parent and step parent doesn’t clean up vomit??? The mind boggles, well mine does anyway.

I’m starting a new exercise training program tomorrow and very excited about that as need to loose the baby weight from nearly 4 years ago. Looking forward to doing something different and for me for a change and I have never seen or heard of this training method but results are meant to good.

Another girlfriend has just told her husband that they are over so trying to be a shoulder for her and some advice of what to do and what to look out for. I don’t have all if any answers for her but can only tell her about my experiences and I was never married!

Keep your eye out for some upcoming posts as I really want to get back into this as it is solace at times for my well being and a venting outlet as well. Although I do try to not do this that often as no one wants to hear about my woes.

Feels good to be taping away at the keys again, hope you enjoy hearing from me again as well.