Heart skipped a beat

Last week my phone rang sitting on my computer and I saw that it was the day care centre where the little man goes. My heart skipped a beat as I knew it wasn’t going to be good news; and it wasn’t.

He’d had a truck/trike accident and come off second best. He loves running around pushing a tonka truck with his head down as fast as he can. He was doing this and came around a corner where another child was on the trike and didn’t stop, even though he saw the little man coming.

There was a crash and the little man somersaulted over the tonka truck I believe and landed on his face. He was apparently glazed over for a few minutes and then quite dizzy when he stood up.

When they rang me he was having a green icy stick and cuddling Pooh Bear so he had calmed down. I decided to ring the doctors and leave work. The girls all said I was going to get a shock when I saw him and to prepare myself. Well you can imagine the thoughts going through my head at this point.

I arrived to find him sleeping with a graze around his left eye and a fat lip. Not as bad as I had thought at all. It took a bit to wake him up and off to the doctors we went. All good there with no depressed fracture!! That thought hadn’t even crossed my mind…..

His lip got bigger as the night wore on and I thought he might have gotten a black eye but he didn’t.

got the look down pat!

got the look down pat!

swollen eye

swollen eye

bike ride with pouty lip again

bike ride with pouty lip again

The next morning he was fascinated with the ‘circle’ that had appeared on his lip. From how the accident was told to me I think he was a very lucky boy and it is nearly all healed now.

next morning and circle on lip

next morning and circle on lip

and another....

and another….


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