Good Read

I do enjoy a good biograph and have read some really interesting ones over the years.  I saw this at the library the other day and decided to give it a read as I love the TV show, even though I don’t have foxtel and haven’t seen an episode since a friend taped the wedding!!  Sad I know….

Anyway this was better than I thought it was going to be and mentions the OJ Simpson case a fair bit as she and her first husband were extremely close to OJ and his wife Nicole.  

I also have a lot of admiration for her and the way she and her ex-husband maintained a great and loving relationship even though they were no longer a couple and she had remarried.  All for the sake of their children and I guess the love they had for one another at another time in their lives. 

It made me think about my situation and that I know I will never be able to show that kind of relationship to my son as his dad is not the forgiving type and is out there to ‘get me’ or belittle me at every corner.  I know this will never change which is a great disappointment for my son, but it comes down to the way his dad wants to behave towards me.  I wish for the little man’s sake we could have a better relationship ,unfortunately this will not occur as he is still bitter about his first ex-wife and they have been divorced for years!!! 

It can’t be healthy to hold on to such resentment and to portray this onto the children involved as it doesn’t do them any good to have one parent bad mouthing the other on a constant basis.  It is not of my concern as I have enough things to concern myself about rather than worry about his attitude towards me; don’t get me wrong sometimes I am stressed and upset beyond belief with the things he says and does to me but I can’t change it and have to keep moving forward as hard as that road is at times. 

I do applaud Kris Kardashian for the way she has lived her life for her children, especially in the earlier years not necessarily later in life and the train wreck of a TV show that kept us all coming back for more. 

If at all possible have a pleasant relationship with your ex for the sake of your children’s wellbeing and health and to show them what a relationship should be like.  After all it is all about the child and not about the parents.                                                   





I have decided my expectations of my friends is too high. I use only realised this with the spate of 40th birthdays I have had this last half of the year.

Why I hear you ask?

It all has to do with the presents given & the presents received. I’m going to sound horrible but here goes.

I’m the one on a single income working two days a week yet I believe so far I have spent more money on all of my friends than some I’d their presents combined! Sounds harsh but unfortunately it may be the truth. I sound ungrateful, which I’m not, but I’m astounded on what some friends have given me in relation to what I have purchased for them. I tried to be thoughtful and think about what that friend would like and spent time sourcing the gift I gave them for their 40th birthday. I can’t say the same has been reciprocated to me!

One friend, who I would say is one of my best friends, put diddly squat into a combined voucher and a couple of others didn’t fare much better? I know it is not about the ‘tit for tat’ theory but I feel like I have over spent and over thought all the presents so far.

Mind you I did receive some fabulous gifts, some from friends I’ve only known since the munchkin was born.

It all washes out in the end and I needed a little rant. All I can say is there will be no 50th gifts from me!

Have you ever felt the same?