I need a man……

Ok, so the heading may be slightly misleading or you could be taking it the wrong way. Either or I still need a man to help fix my sons scooter!

Ha! Got you all…… for the munchkins third birthday I got him a hot wheels three wheel scooter, which I thought was perfect. Unfortunately not the case; all due to my boy being exceptionally tall for his age (so everyone tells me when they find out his age). With two wheels at the back and the running board not long enough many a banged or scrapped ankle was had by him. I then decided I’d get him a new one but with the two wheels at the front instead.

I saw one in Big W at Southland but unfortunately the packaging had been opened and only two of the said wheels inside. So as a “good” mum I began to ring all stores nearby and finally got one put on hold; not that close to home but not the other side of the city either.

When we got home I decided I was going to assemble this for him. First issue – couldn’t get the wheel bolts to screw in tight enough.

Wheel nuts

Wheel nuts

Second issue – handle bars couldn’t be tightened enough either! OMG what was I doing wrong?? No matter how much pressure I put on the bolt to stop it turning it never happened and therefore loose handlebars.

Loose bolts

Loose bolts

After becoming so frustrated I gave up and thought he can ride it this weekend until his grandpa can fix it on Tuesday, if I haven’t buggered up the bolts up! ┬áHe was so excited to ride it he even did so in the house (noooooo).

Semi assembled scooter