My Protector

The other week we had the kinder movie night. I requested from the little mans dad if we could swap nights so that he could attend – that is another whole story in itself which I wont go into detail about. Anyway the long and the short of it is that yes we attended the movie night and no he never saw his dad that weekend.

I only told him about it the morning of as I didn’t want to get him too excited incase his dad said no. As you can probably gather he was so excited it was ridiculous. After attending kinder in the afternoon we went home and I made him have a little rest before having dinner and heading back to kinder at 5.45pm.

I told him we would need to take the torch as we were walking and it would be dark and that he needed to wear his coat. Off we set with him carrying the torch and swinging it around as we wandered around the corner.

The movie was Happy Feet 2 and I think he sat there for the first half hour then realised they had opened up his room and wanted to play in there. I said to him if he didn’t want to watch the movie we would be leaving. He came back to me about 10 minutes later and said he wanted to go home.

Homeward bound with him and the torch again and telling me he was my protector and would look out for me. He checked for monsters and dinosaurs in all the fences and gates as we walked the 500m home and was so cute about it; it made me want to cry tears of joy and happiness for the fantastic little man that I am raising!

I love my protector with all of my heart and hope he never losers the innocence he has and this thoughtfulness towards others.

My protector (with Pooh bear of course!)

My protector (with Pooh bear of course!)


Am I finally ready to move forward?

What a rollercoaster of a weekend I had. It all started with Friday when I had a specialist appointment for my son and decided to do the right thing and invite the ex along. I had also decided that I was going to see where he stood on maybe getting back together. I did ask and got the response “I have moved on and we never wanted the same things.” This certainly threw me for a sixer and cried all the way home in the car as well as on the couch; the worst thing was my 2 year old son wiping my tears off my chin. So cute but yet so sad at the same time as he was looking at me as if to say “mum what is making you so sad?”

I was going to say lot of things in this post that I found out but have decided not to incase it can be used against me in any further court situations. All I will say is what I found out made my blood boil and also made me realise that maybe I am finally ready to move forward with my life now due to these facts. When you have been pushed to your limits like I was earlier this year this new information has made me realise that I now really did make the right decision at the right time for my son and I and that is all that counts now.

My weekend went from a low on Friday to the best high on Sunday with my boy. I had a small family party for his 2nd birthday at a park that has miniature trains which you can ride on. He had a ball and was in his element with his Grandpa and his Great Uncle, who is a train fanatic! The said Great Uncle gave him a Thomas the Tank engine toy and that was the most prized possesion of the day, my boy has found true love with Thomas.

One question I do want to pose is “Why are people so influenced by their so called friends and can’t see past the bitterness they have in themselves?”

I hope that I am not like the above and that I respect my friend’s opinions but am not overly influenced by what they recommend. I take it on board digest it and use it if it will help or just shelve it if not relevant. Are you overly influenced by your friends??

All I will say is we are happy living our life and dancing around the house like a couple of idiots and we have so much fun doing it and laughing at my silly dance moves!