Family birthday

On a Sunday of this month we all met at Koko’s at Crown in Melbourne for my dad’s belated 70th family birthday lunch. My brother and his family were over from Perth and dad’s brother, sister in law and sister were all there to help him celebrate. With four grandsons aging from 2 – 11 I was thinking there is no way they are all going to sit still for the duration of our teppanyaki grill lunch but low and behold the boys were in ‘perfect’ grandson form and didn’t get restless at all – amazing! Luckily my youngest nephew brought along a few cars as we only managed to bring ‘Fireman Sam fire truck’ to entertain for 4 hours; not a smart move by me at all but it worked out in the end.

Our chef was extremely entertaining and full of stories and engaging with the two young boys extremely well. He couldn’t believe my brother and I were related; it has been said on numerous occasions that we look like boyfriend/girlfriend rather than blood related. He then said my middle nephew was my child as we look alike, which we have done since he was born. I think we thoroughly confused him but he seemed to get a good laugh out of his errors. It is amazing how we can all belong to the same family but still look so different from one another.

To end this post all I can say is that I was so impressed by the four kids and their behaviour as well as my brother for paying for it!!! Gotta love older brothers who earn more money than the annoying younger sister!! hehe


Turning the Corner

Slowly slowly I am trying to turn the corner in my life, as per the picture to the left. The first thing I did was make my blog page brighter instead of the dark ‘dusk’ theme that I had. What was the next step that I am not sure but maybe it will be about talking about other things in my life rather than my mundane life as it is at present?

I have lots to look forward to this week as it is my baby’s 2nd birthday on Wednesday and he even choose his birthday card, it was a tossup between a fire truck with the number 2 on it or a train card and all he could say was ‘truck truck’ so I decided to go with that one for him. He is getting a 3 story high car garage as well as some cloths and mini Cooper and a DVD of Roary the Racing Car. As you may be able to tell he is very much a “boy’s boy” at this stage of his life, what will happen in the future is anyone’s guess and who really cares!? As well as that we are going to go to have a small family party on Sunday and I have to make his birthday cake, again it was a tossup between the fire engine or a clock and have decided on the clock as I think he will enjoy the fire engine more next year.

I also have a couple of previous work friends coming over for dinner on Friday night which will be great; I just have to decide what I am going to cook for all of us! Any suggestions will be warmly received. It will be fantastic to have a good old gossip session about our lives and hear what is going on in other people’s lives and not just my own little world.

As the days warm up and the sun comes out I hope my outlook on life with change as well and that corner of the page will become bigger and bigger until the next page appears for me to move on to.