On Sunday we went off to see Carlton vs Melbourne at the iconic MCG. Catching the train into Richmond station as much easier than driving and we haven’t been on a train in ages so that was a fun element for the little man.

At Richmond station we met up with my friend Bevan, also a Carlton supporter, and the little man was very excited to see him and couldn’t stop jumping on him and running around him like a headless chook. Up to the G we walked all the while the little man talking about nothing of great importance but didn’t want the adults to exclude him. Mind you he was very polite as every time he interrupted he said “excuse me Bevan” and then prattled on about nothing.

We got seats on the bottom stand and we could see Captain Carlton on the boundary line so Bevan wandered down there with the little man and the next thing I could see was Bevan taking a photo and the result is below


First off the little man was thirsty then he was hungry and didn’t want any of the food I had packed for him. I offered hot chips which was met with a resounding yes and I’ll get them with Bevan you stay here scenario. Off they went to purchase some hot chips and the game started.

The little man was not overly interested but clapped with the crowd be it for or against Carlton and at times even yelled out “go Carlton go” which seems to be his catch cry these days.

By mid-way through the second quarter we had hit our limit. It was a late starting game than normal 3.20pm instead of 2.40pm, so I was not surprised by his lack of enthusiasm and attention span of zero. I said we would leave at half time in a minute; mind you there were another 20 odd minutes to this time! Naughty mum, for telling her son a little white lie so that she could stay and see more of the game.


Half time came and we said our farewells and walked back to the station for the train ride home. After waiting in the biting wind on the station the train finally arrived 30 minutes later and we got on and sat near a couple in their 60s. The little man proceeded to talk to them and then made the lady make all these animals from the newspaper! There was an elephant, then a monster, a snail, a snake, a butterfly and finally a dinosaur. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of these ‘creatures made from the newspaper’ but it did keep him entertained for the 25 minute ride home. Got to love strangers – at times of course….




Scooter park

On Sunday we met up with a mum and her daughter from mothers group and the kids had a scooter around the council car park as the skate park was occupied with two 6 year olds ‘things’ I didn’t realise 6 year olds were meant to know how to do on a skateboard!! Ignorant I know….

We then heading to the park for a bit where they climbed over everything swung on the swings and slid down the slide. We then realised the little kids had gone so it was our time to hit the skate bowl and see their scootering skills. It was very cute to watch as they both just went around and around the bottom with little rides up the incline, but hey they enjoyed it and that is all as a parent you can ask for.



Then as the weather seemed to get colder by the second we decided it was time to go home. On the way out of the park this is the image we as mums were looking at.


Two beautiful children holding hands as they chatted on the walk home. Too cute for words and melts your heart.


Fun – the old fashioned way

Yesterday was a stinker in Melbourne so I sent around a group text seeing if anyone wanted a beach play date to which I received negative responses back except for one friend who said come on over here instead.  I texted back “thanks and do you have the slip and slide set up?”  Yes they did so the little man and I hot footed it into the car with bathers and scooter and a few treats for the kids.

After playing inside for about one hour it was lunch time and then outside in the blistering sun for some fun on the backyard lawn!  Bathers on and sun screened up out ran the kids with squeals of delight, especially from the little man as he had never seen or played on one before.  After the initial shock of the cold water it was fun times ahead.
They had numerous snacks whilst outside playing and entertained themselves for at least 3 hours solid.  There were no tears, amazingly, and little fighting over the toys that ended up on the slip and slide.  Sitting there and chatting away with my girlfriend is was surprising how quick the time went and how great the kids were.
Maybe we should all invest in old fashioned fun every now and then for our kids so that they get to enjoy things that we did growing up.  There was talk of the sprinklers on the lawn and running through them as well as kids ….. ahh memories……

filling the car with petrol
eating twisties whilst chilling
wetting their hats
fun times!

Wiggles Sunday!

Yesterday was the busiest day my munchkin and I have had for such a long time.

It started at 5.30am when he came into my bed, I still receive my visitor every now and then, but luckily for me I did manage to get him to go back to sleep and then woke him at 7.00am but rubbing his back.  He then said “keep playing on my back please”, too cute.  We got out of bed and had breakfast before I packed our bag to head off to the Wiggles Concert!!!

We were out the door and in the car by 8.25am and on our way to fill up the care before embarking on our big day ahead.  Munchkin was very excited about seeing Captain Feathersword and his car, to which I replied “I think he has a boat as he is a pirate and not a car bub.”  He didn’t believe me and kept on talking about Captain Feathersword and his car.  He then wanted to know if the ‘red’ car would be there and I said “yes it will be on stage.”  This perplexed his little mind as I don’t believe he has ever seen a stage before so I had to explain this to him and that we would not be able to go for a ride in the red car or see/touch the Wiggles.

Got to the Botanic Gardens just after 9.00am and found that car parking on the street is free on weekends – Bonus!!  Parked the car and started our little trek to Rod Laver; about 7 minutes into the walk I had thought ‘did I lock the car??’  So back we went to double check and still not sure as stood on the other side of the road and hit the button and the lights flashed so I knew it was locked for sure!  On the walk back a little voice says “carry me”, to which I replied “bub you are too big I can’t carry you but I will piggy back you until we get to the bridge then you have to walk for me.”  This was fine for both of us and off we trundled.

Walking inside we tried to find the ‘freebies’ as I am on a tight budget and we got a few things before finding our seats.  Well the munchkin was so excited and was dancing and singing along to the tunes and nearly wet himself when Captain Feathersword and Wags the Dog came on stage and a special surprise visit from Santa as well. Nearing the end he was starting to lose his concentration so it was great that time was up and out the doors we headed.  Upon nearing the exit door there were mini VW cars with iPads set up as steering wheels so he had to get in one (blue) and then wanted the red one as well but I said a firm “no” which was met with wales of screaming and tears and he wouldn’t leave the venue!  He did end up leaving but kicking and screaming in the arms of his mother and not the end to the morning that I had anticipated at all.  Due to all his wailing he wanted to be carried – again I said you are too heavy but that didn’t work and I carried him across the bridge and then said if you’re not going to walk then it is piggy back time to the car.

Arrive at the car with mum hot, bothered and sore whilst munchkin was as happy as Larry!  Off on the next adventure out to the Yarra Valley for lunch with my parents and aunts and uncles as a belated birthday lunch for my dad as his brother was in South Africa on his birthday.  I thought the munchkin would be a nightmare at lunch as such a big morning but he was fine (in a way).  Ordered a baby cino as soon as we arrived and then wouldn’t decide between the fish or chicken so ordered him the chicken.  When this arrived he turned up his nose and talked to everyone instead or tried to eat their entrees!  He was driving me batty so sent him to my aunt and he sat there and happily ate all his lunch and dessert, as well as everyone else’s dessert too!  By 4.00pm he was done and had started spitting his water out of his mouth and running around the restaurant like a headless chook (not that I have ever seen one).  Time to get in the car and keep him awake as too close to bedtime for a car nap.  Didn’t need to keep him awake as he chatted in the car on the way home nonstop; around 1.5 hours.

Upon arriving home I thought he wouldn’t want dinner but he said he’d have an omelette which I made and he ate nearly all of it as well as an icy pole – where it all went I am still in awe.  Bed at 7.00pm and asleep by 7.30pm and all was quiet until 6.15am this morning.

Such a big day for a little boy who coped amazingly well.  Love you munchkin! xxx