Time for a new look

As it has been quite some time between posts I decided today to brighten up the look of my page and thought the love birds encompassed my mood right now!

As for toilet training I have decided that my son is not quite ready for the toilet and to give him a bit more time to decide when the time is right for him. At least he now tells me when he is doing or has done a wee, that is great but I need to know beforehand buddy!! He will be in both undies and pull ups as it is going to be easier and less stressful for me when we go out to have him in a pull up instead of accidents left right and center. All good and now I have to make sure I don’t eat all the jelly beans I have in the cupboard for those successes when they do occur.

As for other news in my life; I bought a new car in April and love it as has all the mod cons I required and was a reasonable price as well – thanks Kia Sportage Platinum! I also did the on line dating again and once more had no real success with it so have decided for now it is time to let it rest and fingers crossed when I least expect someone will wonder into my life. I can’t believe I am turning 40 in a few months and my munchkin will be three the week before! Where has the time gone and why aren’t I going to be Fit, Fabulous and Forty?? Hmmm that might be because I can’t seem to stop eating food! Love it way to much to give it up. I am running twice a week and doing Bikram Yoga 1-2 times a week and have not lost an iota of what let alone a gram! Oh well will just have to suck my tummy in on the night!!

Moved on up in the world of mobile phones and got an iPhone and have joined instagram which I am loving! Need to get a bit more arty with my shots but it is hard when I am either driving or have a little man saying “why are we stopping keep walking.” Maybe over Christmas I will get more photos taken with this app.

Enjoying my life and finding we are constantly busy doing little things each day that has seen the year fly by. Just need to be more consistent with my blog writing……

A massive shout out to my Dad today as well “HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY”