The training continues….


Well nobody told me how hard this aspect of parenthood was going to be. Not sure if it is harder as a single mum or not but you can’t take your eyes off your child for a second cause when you do bam accident on the floor! We have had more accidents than successful toilet visits but he slowly seems to be getting it. Although still not verbalising he needs to go, which apparently is what I need to hear to know that he is actually ready.

My aunt is looking after him today and I’m hoping she may be a trigger point for him to understand he has to tell us he needs to go. My parents will be there in Tuesday; again hoping they may have more success than good old mum.

Last night I put a drynite on him and I go in and check on him and he tells me he needs to go to the toilet to do wee!!! I can’t cut a break but took him and yes he did do a wee. this pattern occurred at the next check in point but nothing in the toilet this time. after his morning milk he had a fullish dry nite and my aunt had arrived so I cherrily said good bye and have a great day as I departed for work. Never in my life have i been so glad to go to work! I have not heard anything so far so hoping all is going well and he has learnt to tell us when he requires the toilet.

If by the end of this week there has been no verbalisation of his needs I will go to pull ups and try again in the lead up to Christmas. If you have any tips or tricks for this please let me know!


Toilet Training

Well it has been months since I last wrote a post & there is no excuse at all; for some reason what I have experienced today I wanted to share. Today was our first official day of toilet training & boy what a day it has been; I’m ready for a glass of wine with my dinner that’s for sure!!

My little man has been fantastic but so far only accidents with nothing actually occurring on the toilet. Quite frustrating but no big deal as have lots of track pants & pj bottoms for him to wear during the day. Luckily I purchased multiple packs of undies as we have gone through lots today. It is funny when I realise he has had an accident I say ‘have you done wee bub?’ and his response is holding up his hand to me and saying ‘I fine, I’ll be fine no worry.’ So cute and endearing as well, makes my heart melt.

We have played inside and outside with more accidents inside rather than out! He stayed dry during his 2 hour noon nap do I gave him two marshmallows as a reward. I also have jelly beans and lollipops for the elusive number twos!! I don’t think I realised how hard this task would be and the patience you require to not get mad; not that I have come close to that today at all.

We have had success, went to toilet before going to bed and he did a little wee! He was so proud of himself and we high fived each other, he then didn’t want to get off the bloody toilet as he thought he was so good. What must go through their minds is intriguing and I wish I could read his! We rang my parents but they weren’t there so left messages for them.

So happy for my little man and look forward to the next few days. I just hope his dad listens to what I have done and follows the same road rather than assuming that his way is better. The trials and tribulations of single parenting.

I will keep you posted on his progress, here’s to a successful toilet training week!!


2012 the countdown has begun….

I have not written on my blog for such a long time and I really don’t have any reason as to why not except that life seems to have gotten in the way.  Since I last wrote I have started a new job which mind you is only 2 days a week but hey I do have a 2 year old to entertain on the other days of the week and he seems to be taking up more and more of my time these days. He is no longer my baby as tomorrow night he will be sleeping in a ‘big boy’s bed’ as he has learnt how to climb out of the cot and get back in as well as destroying his room in the process.  I know this is only going to be made easier as a bed has no rails but I’m hoping it may settle him down.  I know wishful thinking on my part but a girl can dream. P.S his will not be pink like the image below!!

He also has head lice at the moment and do you think I can stop scratching my hair!  I found out that his half siblings have had it for the past 2 weeks but my ex decided to not inform me or even treat our son so I have had the lovely task of running/pulling the comb through his hair.  Not a nice job for any parent.  As you can see my ex and I are still having issues and there are so many more I could mention but figure I won’t bore you.

New jobs are great as you get to meet new people and have new experiences that you may not have had if you didn’t have the change.  I love learning new computer systems and seem to be adept at picking them up on the first day – which impresses the new manager no end!  I have to drive to this one which is a nice change and I get to listen to the radio in the car and have the munchkin in the back seat talking away to me as well.  I love the radio in the morning but prefer an iPod at night, not that my car has this capability.  Munchkin settled in well to his new Family Day Care last week, even pushing me out the door saying “work” and had a 2.5 hour sleep in the middle of the day – I was very pleased with that as thought he might rebel and not sleep.

I have decided that 2012 has to be better than the last couple so all I have to say is “look out Melbourne!”  I will also try and blog on a more consistent basis so I get a few followers as well.


Starting to get into the Christmas Spirit!

I can’t believe it is the start of December tomorrow, where has the year gone?? I know I have had a year like no other but that doesn’t mean that it should nearly be Christmas. I was in the shops a while ago and noticed the decorations and thought to myself “you have got to be kidding me!” apparently not as of tomorrow there are 24 days to Christmas!

My mum got this advent calendar for me last year and as my son was only 12 months old I didn’t do anything with it. This year I have decided to show him a bit more about Christmas and how much I love him by adding little gifts to each of the days. Some have chocolates and candy canes that you can’t see as well as some of the objects you can see. I have got to say I think Aldi is great; they had $1 toys today so I bought most of the gifts there, jungle animals, bubble blowers, plastic toys and a kaleidoscope.

I hope my munchkin enjoys every morning leading up to Christmas and the gift he receives each day. I am guessing I will get more enjoyment out of his reaction than he will out of his little gifts. Now I just have to get my butt into gear for the present buying for the rest of my family as he is sorted.

Enjoy your lead up to the big day and I hope you enjoy it with your children.


Am I finally ready to move forward?

What a rollercoaster of a weekend I had. It all started with Friday when I had a specialist appointment for my son and decided to do the right thing and invite the ex along. I had also decided that I was going to see where he stood on maybe getting back together. I did ask and got the response “I have moved on and we never wanted the same things.” This certainly threw me for a sixer and cried all the way home in the car as well as on the couch; the worst thing was my 2 year old son wiping my tears off my chin. So cute but yet so sad at the same time as he was looking at me as if to say “mum what is making you so sad?”

I was going to say lot of things in this post that I found out but have decided not to incase it can be used against me in any further court situations. All I will say is what I found out made my blood boil and also made me realise that maybe I am finally ready to move forward with my life now due to these facts. When you have been pushed to your limits like I was earlier this year this new information has made me realise that I now really did make the right decision at the right time for my son and I and that is all that counts now.

My weekend went from a low on Friday to the best high on Sunday with my boy. I had a small family party for his 2nd birthday at a park that has miniature trains which you can ride on. He had a ball and was in his element with his Grandpa and his Great Uncle, who is a train fanatic! The said Great Uncle gave him a Thomas the Tank engine toy and that was the most prized possesion of the day, my boy has found true love with Thomas.

One question I do want to pose is “Why are people so influenced by their so called friends and can’t see past the bitterness they have in themselves?”

I hope that I am not like the above and that I respect my friend’s opinions but am not overly influenced by what they recommend. I take it on board digest it and use it if it will help or just shelve it if not relevant. Are you overly influenced by your friends??

All I will say is we are happy living our life and dancing around the house like a couple of idiots and we have so much fun doing it and laughing at my silly dance moves!


Sunny Sunday’s

Sunday in Bayside was glorious. We walked up to the shops so that I could buy the paper, with my little man running his fingers along the different fences that we passed. Arriving at the set of lights was much enjoyment as he loves pressing the button. Returning home we ran into our front neighbours and their girls and my man played on their scooters, trikes and Little Tikes car for hours up and down the driveway. Sleep time interrupted this enjoyment so we were back out there again in the fading heat of the afternoon with mum pushing him over the grate in the driveway which he thoroughly loved. Small things bring so much pleasure to the young, innocent and sponges that are our children.
Did you get outdoors on Sunday and enjoy the weather?


My life so far

I received the best news in February 2009, I was pregnant!!  Not long after that it started to go down hill ever so slowly. My ex partner has 3 kids from a previous marriage and all of a sudden out of the blue he says “I’ll get full custody of the kids now”.  Uhhhh  not quite buddy as I was new to this pregnancy thing and not sure how I would cope so I was not for it at all, happy to build up to it but not before the baby was at least 1 year old or even older.  I was a late bloomer having my son at 36 years old.  So the slope got faster and faster and my life spiralled out of my control.  Lucky for me my beautiful son was the best baby, he slept really well, feed well and was a very contended baby overall, considering he had is mother crying whilst breastfeeding it is a miracle he was as good as he was.

After being put down and questioned about everything from the time of his birth i couldn’t handle it any more and at 10 months old my ex walked out.  What a relief to an extent as we could get on with our lives instead of having to have everything “perfect” all the time.  

Then the real battle began with him telling me he was entitled to have 50/50 custody of the baby.  He was so relentless in this I gave him more access than I should have and ended up in court to rectify it all – which did and didn’t happen.  At least if he took him and kept him for 5 nights, as he did, he would be breaking a court order – peace of mind for me.  He is still pushing the 50/50 custody and I honestly think he doesn’t see that that is not what is best for our son.  fingers crossed I will not be back in court until he is primary school age but if the ex has it his way it will be next year!  Last time was June this year!

Well that is my single life as a mum in a nutshell.  Now it is time to embrace this life and live it to the fullest with my little munchkin and ensure he grows up knowing how much his mum fought for him and loves him.

Anyone else out there gone through a similar situation?  If so I would love to hear from you as I have found it hard to find other single mums who I can socialise with.  don’t get me wrong I have great friends who I love and adore, just think it might be nice to have a few who are in the same situation as me.

Love to hear from you.

Single mum xx