Finally opened a Christmas present

The other day I decided I really should open the present that the little man received from his cousins in WA.  As we live in a smallish two bedroom unit therefore space is not high on the list of positives about this place.  It was fine before a beautiful now three year old came into my life, now it is over run with his dump trucks, bikes and copious toys in general.  Anyhoo thought it was time to pull out the indoor pirate tent.  Upon realising how easy it is to assemble or pack away I should have opened it long before March!

He played in it the first couple of days and even wanted to sleep in there but hasn’t really touched it since; mind you it is up next to the tv so forefront in his eye sight.  Might be time to put it away I think as my motto is if not used put it away.

Next thing I really want to ‘put away’ is his train table as I could then set up his bedroom to resemble a bedroom and maybe even attempt a theme.