Monday night Pasta Sauce

I find that every Monday night I can’t be bothered with dinner for the little man or myself. I don’t know why but I hate Monday nights and trying to think of what we will have for dinner! Anyone else feel this way??

You guessed it last night was Monday night and when I picked up the little man after I finished work and his day at care I thought “urgh what are we having for dinner?” The little man wanted chops but we’d had them the night before so I said no and he then said number spaghetti. I thought done you can have that and it is quick and easy to boot.

Then I thought what am I going to have???? Was thinking bad food then decided I’d make a pasta sauce with some ingredients I had in the fridge.

So I gathered up bacon, mushrooms, lemon, and semi sun dried tomatoes. I thought how am I going to do this and then didn’t worry how it turned out as only me eating it.

I cut the bacon, sliced the mushrooms, zested the lemon and chopped the semi sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts. Add it all to a frypan with some oil from the tomato jar as well as the juice from the zested lemon and hey presto there was my pasta sauce for the night. Not the healthiest but not the worst kind of sauce either. Stirred through wholemeal pasta with some parmesan on top and it wasn’t too bad, except I burnt it a bit as I was getting the little man’s dinner ready…..


1 rash of bacon
4 mini button mushrooms
4 semi sun dried tomatoes
Zest of a lemon
Juice of a lemon
Pine nuts
Cracked black pepper (to taste)
Parmesan cheese


Cook bacon in frypan add the mushrooms and tomatoes with some oil from the jar, zest the lemon, add half the juice and reduce. Add the pine nuts and cracked pepper and then the other half of the lemon juice. Done!

fying off the ingredients

frying off the ingredients, with pasta boiling in the background

finished product

finished product



I finally got to go and see Monet at the NGV in Melbourne the other Friday night with a girlfriend. We had been talking about it since it first opened and I think we attended the week before it closed!! Nothing like cutting it fine…..

It was a light rainy night in this great city of ours and the queue was longer than I had expected, luckily I had pre booked tickets on line so we were able to ‘jump’ the queue. We decided to have a glass of champers before seeing the exhibition so that we could have a quick catch up and relax before wondering around.

We finally entered the exhibition and we were surprised at the number of paintings there that we had never seen before and how when Monet liked an image he certainly grabbed hold of it and painted a number of paintings on that image. Lily pads were definitely a favourite of his! Mind you they were all slightly different and amazing!! He painted some portraits of his family as well which were interesting as I never knew he had done this.

When he had eye issues his whole style changed from pastels to dark reds/oranges and the brush strokes changed of a light dab feel to strong harsh strokes on the canvas. Ver interesting to see how much his eye sight affected what he saw and how he painted, upon getting glasses that corrected the vision (as much as they could) he was back to painting his pastels and delicate brush strokes.

It was annoying that we couldn’t take photos in the exhibition but totally understandable at the same time.

Instead you have to see some images of Melbourne that I took on the night after we had a bite to eat.

Lovely exhibition and if it is coming to a town near you definitely go and see it.

waiting for Kaza to arrive - St Kilda Road

waiting for Kaza to arrive – St Kilda Road

Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station

Princes Bridge

Princes Bridge

Fountain near Botanic Gardens

Fountain near Botanic Gardens


Family time

Sorry I have been off the blog for a bit lately and not really sure why?  I had made a pack with myself that I was going to write at least weekly and I was doing ok for a while there and then off the bandwagon I fell!!!

We have had my brother and his family over from Perth so that has been great for me and the little man to spend some time with my three nephews as well as brother and sister in law.  The little man was on the phone the other weekend to my aunt and he said to her “my brothers and cousins are coming to visit me”, they are his cousins but he refers to them as his brothers even though they aren’t.  He doesn’t even refer to his half siblings as siblings at all?!?!

When they arrived on Saturday night he was so excited to see them all he was squealing with delight and then I had to put him back to bed!  All went well though and the next morning there was lots of chatter amongst them all.  My eldest nephew is 12, then 10 and 4 so there is a big age gap with the older two and only 14 months between the youngest and the little man.

We got a photo of them all on the couch and they are a pretty spunky lot of boys – biased I know…..



We then had dinner with them last Thursday night and the little man was a bit feral as he’d been at his dad’s all day and over tired as well as getting dropped off 37 minutes late which all added up.  Anyway we all survived dinner and the younger two were lucky enough to score a smartie cookie for dessert.


I missed the cutest image but I wouldn’t have shown up in a photo of the two cheeky monkeys above shaking their tail feathers to the music playing in the café!  We were all in hysterics and they thought they were pretty good getting all the attention from us.

I couldn’t ask for a better family and neither could the little man as they all get along so well considering three of them live on the other side of the country.