Model Trains – who knew??

The other night on the news we saw a segment on model trains and the little man was very excited and screaming at the TV. I decided to look it up and see where it was on and the times. It was not too far from home and started at 10 the next day.

I rang my parents to see if they would be interested in coming as well as my aunt and uncle, who is the biggest train nut I have ever met, wanted to come as well. Resounding yeses all around so our date for the following morning was organised.

We all arrived at the same time and walked into the exhibition. Well I have never seen such an excited little man in my life. He was jumping up and down with a massive smile on his face and talking a mile a minute about trains and everything he could see whilst still jumping up and down. Another boy was just as excited and the two of them together was priceless to see such unadulterated pleasure on their faces.

There were a number of models set up and we walked around every one of them and had a good look with as much excitement as when we first walked in. My little man was in heaven. I never realised he was such a ‘train’ boy as he has had a train table in his room for ages and hardly plays on it at all. He went through a phase of “Thomas the Tank” but never completely obsessed about it, so to see him like I did I was taken aback to the sheer joy he was in.

Below are some of the models that were on display.







My Protector

The other week we had the kinder movie night. I requested from the little mans dad if we could swap nights so that he could attend – that is another whole story in itself which I wont go into detail about. Anyway the long and the short of it is that yes we attended the movie night and no he never saw his dad that weekend.

I only told him about it the morning of as I didn’t want to get him too excited incase his dad said no. As you can probably gather he was so excited it was ridiculous. After attending kinder in the afternoon we went home and I made him have a little rest before having dinner and heading back to kinder at 5.45pm.

I told him we would need to take the torch as we were walking and it would be dark and that he needed to wear his coat. Off we set with him carrying the torch and swinging it around as we wandered around the corner.

The movie was Happy Feet 2 and I think he sat there for the first half hour then realised they had opened up his room and wanted to play in there. I said to him if he didn’t want to watch the movie we would be leaving. He came back to me about 10 minutes later and said he wanted to go home.

Homeward bound with him and the torch again and telling me he was my protector and would look out for me. He checked for monsters and dinosaurs in all the fences and gates as we walked the 500m home and was so cute about it; it made me want to cry tears of joy and happiness for the fantastic little man that I am raising!

I love my protector with all of my heart and hope he never losers the innocence he has and this thoughtfulness towards others.

My protector (with Pooh bear of course!)

My protector (with Pooh bear of course!)


Family time

Sorry I have been off the blog for a bit lately and not really sure why?  I had made a pack with myself that I was going to write at least weekly and I was doing ok for a while there and then off the bandwagon I fell!!!

We have had my brother and his family over from Perth so that has been great for me and the little man to spend some time with my three nephews as well as brother and sister in law.  The little man was on the phone the other weekend to my aunt and he said to her “my brothers and cousins are coming to visit me”, they are his cousins but he refers to them as his brothers even though they aren’t.  He doesn’t even refer to his half siblings as siblings at all?!?!

When they arrived on Saturday night he was so excited to see them all he was squealing with delight and then I had to put him back to bed!  All went well though and the next morning there was lots of chatter amongst them all.  My eldest nephew is 12, then 10 and 4 so there is a big age gap with the older two and only 14 months between the youngest and the little man.

We got a photo of them all on the couch and they are a pretty spunky lot of boys – biased I know…..



We then had dinner with them last Thursday night and the little man was a bit feral as he’d been at his dad’s all day and over tired as well as getting dropped off 37 minutes late which all added up.  Anyway we all survived dinner and the younger two were lucky enough to score a smartie cookie for dessert.


I missed the cutest image but I wouldn’t have shown up in a photo of the two cheeky monkeys above shaking their tail feathers to the music playing in the café!  We were all in hysterics and they thought they were pretty good getting all the attention from us.

I couldn’t ask for a better family and neither could the little man as they all get along so well considering three of them live on the other side of the country.


I’m getting a bit excited…….

Do you want to know why I’m getting a little bit excited???  Things might finally be turning in a positive direction for me on the work front!  If I haven’t mentioned it before I will give you a quick synopses of my current role:

  • Job share two days a week – I only perform one task of the job description
  • Micro manager – she does everyone’s head in and is more concerned about finding fault (and if not there makes it up) than doing her role
  • No room for promotion – dead end position and wasting my skill base on the internet most of the day
  • Staff morale low – this is due to the manager and so far two staff members have resigned in two weeks and hoping I might be the third!

If i get the new position it is for a multinational company, very well known brand, and there will be no wasting of my skills and fingers crossed I learn some new ones as well.  There is room for promotion which is great and always makes you strive a little harder I believe.  I will be job sharing with a friend of mine who I have never worked along side before but we met years ago in the travel industry when I was a BDM and she was working at a travel agency.  We hit if off the minute we met and have never looked back!  We have the same sense of humour, work ethic and values.  Plus are boys are only 6 weeks apart.  It will be a five day fortnight so need to look at care for the little man but will cross that bridge when or if I get the position.  Less money but I don’t care as the environment has to be better than where I am now.

Where I used to work as a BDM



I can’t wipe the smile from my face as I am just a LITTLE bit EXCITED that something may go right for me after a few years of struggling through the changes I have encountered.

Ahh the joy that is spreading through my veins is giving me such a high it is ridiculous as I don’t know the outcome of our proposal but by all accounts it is sounding extremely good.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and I will keep you all informed – not that there are many of you out there but hey I can live in hope!!