On Sunday we went off to see Carlton vs Melbourne at the iconic MCG. Catching the train into Richmond station as much easier than driving and we haven’t been on a train in ages so that was a fun element for the little man.

At Richmond station we met up with my friend Bevan, also a Carlton supporter, and the little man was very excited to see him and couldn’t stop jumping on him and running around him like a headless chook. Up to the G we walked all the while the little man talking about nothing of great importance but didn’t want the adults to exclude him. Mind you he was very polite as every time he interrupted he said “excuse me Bevan” and then prattled on about nothing.

We got seats on the bottom stand and we could see Captain Carlton on the boundary line so Bevan wandered down there with the little man and the next thing I could see was Bevan taking a photo and the result is below


First off the little man was thirsty then he was hungry and didn’t want any of the food I had packed for him. I offered hot chips which was met with a resounding yes and I’ll get them with Bevan you stay here scenario. Off they went to purchase some hot chips and the game started.

The little man was not overly interested but clapped with the crowd be it for or against Carlton and at times even yelled out “go Carlton go” which seems to be his catch cry these days.

By mid-way through the second quarter we had hit our limit. It was a late starting game than normal 3.20pm instead of 2.40pm, so I was not surprised by his lack of enthusiasm and attention span of zero. I said we would leave at half time in a minute; mind you there were another 20 odd minutes to this time! Naughty mum, for telling her son a little white lie so that she could stay and see more of the game.


Half time came and we said our farewells and walked back to the station for the train ride home. After waiting in the biting wind on the station the train finally arrived 30 minutes later and we got on and sat near a couple in their 60s. The little man proceeded to talk to them and then made the lady make all these animals from the newspaper! There was an elephant, then a monster, a snail, a snake, a butterfly and finally a dinosaur. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of these ‘creatures made from the newspaper’ but it did keep him entertained for the 25 minute ride home. Got to love strangers – at times of course….