Growing up too quickly

We had to call into the doctors the other day for an asthma plan for the little man as his kinder now require an original not a photocopy.  Whilst we were there he decided to jump on the scales so the doctor weighed him and said “20 kilos.”  I said to him “well he has put on 1.5kg since January this year.”

We then went to Scienceworks on Sunday and they have the sport section where you can weigh and measure your height.  I put him on the scales again and yes he was just over 20kg’s and then onto the height measure.  I finally got him to stand still for a few seconds and measured him at 110cm.   Again since January this year he has grown 5cm!!  No wonder all of his pants are too short that I purchased at the start of the year!

How quickly do your children grow and is mine a freak of nature for a 3 year old??

Below are some photos we took last night as he had ‘harry high pants’ and thought he was pretty funny!


Why did I react the way I did?

I have had a tough 15 hours as my behaviour last night at change over is haunting me. Why did I react the way I did? I did something similar about 12 months ago so maybe it is a yearly build up in me that then snaps. I feel like an elastic band been pulled to its extreme stretch and them BAM it snaps.

I feel the worst for my little man as he saw me so upset and he was screaming in his dads car not knowing what was going on. Will he remember this and hate me for it in years to come? I hope not as I I never want to hurt or scar him with the difficulties that his parents have with each other. I’m crying as I type this and so scared that his dad won’t give him back to me today at the court ordered time.

I’m not proud at all of my behaviour and can’t fathom why I reacted the way I did but all I know is that I want my gorgeous boy back this afternoon so I can apologise to him and give him the biggest cuddle and kiss.

I’m not having a good time at the moment for some reason; maybe it is from shouldering too much stuff or maybe it’s just my time to be tested again. Either way I’m not sure I’m strong enough to do it this time, but I know I will for my little man.



Life is not easy….

My life feels like it is spiralling out of my control and all due to my little man’s father! I feel as though I’m drowning in my own life and not sure there is a way out if it at all. I don’t know what to do as I don’t have the money to constantly talk to my lawyers, even though I know my brother or parents would assist, I can’t rely on them for the rest of my life.

I’m so sick of the constant changes and belittling I receive from him and how he feels it is in his right to send through his wife’s opinion of me as well! Mind you we have never even been introduced let alone had a conversation but she feels it is in her right to comment as well. I find this amazing as when I was with him I never commented on his issues with his ex wife, if anything I’d say ” take a look from her point of view.” His concerns with their kids were theirs and not my place to put my two cents worth.

I was going to write this the other day but thought it would be too hard so here I am sitting on the couch tapping away on, the iPad.

How do you deal with a person who believes they are more important than the child concerned? He constantly places his other children above and beyond his commitment to the little man. That commitment is Wednesday 4.30 to Thursday 8.30am and Friday 5.00 to Saturday 3.30pm; not major at all in my view. I find it hard to believe that we spent money in court nearly two years ago and he can’t stick with the orders for an entire month! It does my head in!!!

The only thing that makes me continue smiling when I don’t really feel like it is that the little man is such a delight and doesn’t really understand what is going on. If he misses out seeing his dad he doesn’t even blink an eye or ask after him or why he isn’t there. God love a beautiful adjusted child.

I’ve been out in the sun the last couple of days to try and warm my soul towards the cards I have been dealt and will have to live with for the rest of my life. Fingers crossed the little man realises how special he is to his mum.


Tradie in the making

On Sunday in Melbourne it was a hot one, as I’ven mentioned in a previous post, and the thought went through my head in the morning ‘what do I dress the little man in today?’  All of his clothes seemed too hot but he is a stickler for putting clothes on and won’t even go to bed without his pyjama top and bottoms on!
Searching through his overflowing drawers of clothes I decided on a white singlet and green shorts.  The outfit went together and even though the shorts were of a semi heavy material I thought he will be cool with the singlet on.
He wanted to go outside and play on his bike so he had to get proper shoes on his feet, he’s just learning and I don’t want any stubbed toes.  He is OBSESSED with a pair of fake blundstones he got from his cousin so they were his choice of footwear for the day.  After putting those on I looked at him and decided he looked like a mini tradie in the making!  Too cute for words.

nearly a smile from him…..

Do you think he looks like a mini tradie and too cute for words or am I one of those biased mothers???


Children’s Garden

Last week I decided on a semi hot day to take the little man to the Children’s Garden in at the Royal Botanic Garden as I have never been before.  I am not sure what I was expecting but it was more serene than I thought it was going to be and there was enough space for each parent to have their little bit of the sanctuary.

The little man loved the water shooting up from the ground at the entrance of the garden and played there quite happily for sometime before he noticed some other boys with toy trucks and cars who were walking down the to the back area.  He asked me if he could play with them too and I said yes but as they were the boys toys in particular that they may not want to share with him.  To his dismay this was the response he received so I said next time we come we will bring your toys and you don’t have to share them if you don’t feel like it.

We walked around the little channel there as well as a grotto like section.  I can’t get over how serene it was and that you are nearly in the city of Melbourne.  We went back to the shooting water as this was more interactive, as no toys to push around, and he played happily until it was time to pack up and go home to get ready for kinder.
We found some friends in the garden who were watching over the children’s garden entrance.

There is so much to see and do in your own backyard that sometimes I find it hard to fit it all in and seeing it through the eyes of a 3 year old is just beautiful.

so excited coming to see me
in the grotto area
Old tree in grotto
water fun

Friends watching the entrance

I did not dress my child today

I would just like to put it out there that as much as I love my munchkin he does not have my dress sense at all (not that I’m any good at it either). I think it is great that he is finally deciding that he needs to learn how to get dressed, but some of mum’s advice might not go astray at times too……

Today he wanted to dress himself so this is what he chose and we were out and about at the shopping centre this morning as well as the local supermarket this evening. The girl in the deli thought he was cute so he received a free cabana stick! Only my child would get away with that – well maybe not.

What are your thoughts on his mismatched outfit? Or am I being a particularly harsh mum?

P.S they are blundstones on his feet on a 37 degree day




I need a man……

Ok, so the heading may be slightly misleading or you could be taking it the wrong way. Either or I still need a man to help fix my sons scooter!

Ha! Got you all…… for the munchkins third birthday I got him a hot wheels three wheel scooter, which I thought was perfect. Unfortunately not the case; all due to my boy being exceptionally tall for his age (so everyone tells me when they find out his age). With two wheels at the back and the running board not long enough many a banged or scrapped ankle was had by him. I then decided I’d get him a new one but with the two wheels at the front instead.

I saw one in Big W at Southland but unfortunately the packaging had been opened and only two of the said wheels inside. So as a “good” mum I began to ring all stores nearby and finally got one put on hold; not that close to home but not the other side of the city either.

When we got home I decided I was going to assemble this for him. First issue – couldn’t get the wheel bolts to screw in tight enough.

Wheel nuts

Wheel nuts

Second issue – handle bars couldn’t be tightened enough either! OMG what was I doing wrong?? No matter how much pressure I put on the bolt to stop it turning it never happened and therefore loose handlebars.

Loose bolts

Loose bolts

After becoming so frustrated I gave up and thought he can ride it this weekend until his grandpa can fix it on Tuesday, if I haven’t buggered up the bolts up!  He was so excited to ride it he even did so in the house (noooooo).

Semi assembled scooter