Monday night Pasta Sauce

I find that every Monday night I can’t be bothered with dinner for the little man or myself. I don’t know why but I hate Monday nights and trying to think of what we will have for dinner! Anyone else feel this way??

You guessed it last night was Monday night and when I picked up the little man after I finished work and his day at care I thought “urgh what are we having for dinner?” The little man wanted chops but we’d had them the night before so I said no and he then said number spaghetti. I thought done you can have that and it is quick and easy to boot.

Then I thought what am I going to have???? Was thinking bad food then decided I’d make a pasta sauce with some ingredients I had in the fridge.

So I gathered up bacon, mushrooms, lemon, and semi sun dried tomatoes. I thought how am I going to do this and then didn’t worry how it turned out as only me eating it.

I cut the bacon, sliced the mushrooms, zested the lemon and chopped the semi sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts. Add it all to a frypan with some oil from the tomato jar as well as the juice from the zested lemon and hey presto there was my pasta sauce for the night. Not the healthiest but not the worst kind of sauce either. Stirred through wholemeal pasta with some parmesan on top and it wasn’t too bad, except I burnt it a bit as I was getting the little man’s dinner ready…..


1 rash of bacon
4 mini button mushrooms
4 semi sun dried tomatoes
Zest of a lemon
Juice of a lemon
Pine nuts
Cracked black pepper (to taste)
Parmesan cheese


Cook bacon in frypan add the mushrooms and tomatoes with some oil from the jar, zest the lemon, add half the juice and reduce. Add the pine nuts and cracked pepper and then the other half of the lemon juice. Done!

fying off the ingredients

frying off the ingredients, with pasta boiling in the background

finished product

finished product