Blowing raspberries

I am so tired at the moment it is ridiculous. Lots of things going on in my life directly and indirectly and not sure if it is all starting to weigh me down. Tonight is no exception; I’m so tired I could curl up into a ball in my bed and sleep until the morning.

I was sitting on the couch trying to get the little man into his pyjamas, which he wouldn’t, so I blew a massive raspberry on his tummy which set him off into peals of laughter. He then had to reciprocate the action on my tubby tummy and I must admit the feeling of it makes you laugh from deep within! Made me loose that tired feeling for just a moment and I lost myself in the world of a three year old.

We ended up blowing raspberries on each others tummies, necks and chests! Such unabashed joy between the two of us and a beautiful memory as well. How we forget the simple things in life.

Typing this my eyes are getting heavy again and that magical feeling has gone. Even after all the cuddles I got at bed time.

Love my little man with everything I have.


My little visitor…

Some nights I have a little visitor that comes into my bed with Pooh Bear. I don’t mind this too much except for when he decides to lie horizontal across the bed and kicks me in the chest, stomach or back. Not an easy way to fall back asleep at 4.00am or 5.00am; especially on a work day when the alarm goes off at 5.45am any way! Maybe I should be getting out of bed when my visitor arrives and go and do some exercise instead?!?

I don’t want to encourage this behaviour and it is certainly not every night he is with me but it is becoming a bit more regular than I would like and I am wrecked by the weekend. The other night I was smothered by Pooh Bear thrown in my face and a little head landing on him on me. My munchkin has ‘scratched’ a hole in Pooh Bear’s bottom so I have stitched a Bob the Builder patch over it and he now scratches this to get himself to sleep or not even realising he is doing it in his sleep – so annoying. Maybe it is time I got out of my bed and went into his instead and had a nearly full night’s sleep.

Bob the Builder on Pooh’s bottom

I am not sure what prompted him to start coming into my bed. Is it because he is away from me two nights a week and every second week at his dad’s there are up to 6 children and it is all too much for him? I have asked if he gets into his dad’s bed and he has said no, which doesn’t surprise me as there is no way he would allow it EVER.

When he wakes up we have the best little chats in bed about nothing in particular but I find them so sweet and funny. I also get to give him lots of kisses and ask for a few in return as well. To wake up or watch your sleeping child is so calming and something you cherish forever; I will never forget this time with him even though I am losing a couple or more hours of sleep each time it happens.

I figure as long as he knows he is loved and nurtured at our house then his world can keep spinning on the axis it is and make him feel as secure as possible. Pooh Bear I am sure makes him the most secure as he is taken everywhere with him/us.

Asleep in my bed